About Us

A Quick Note From the Founder.

I took Valley Canvas full time in 2019. Prior to that? About six months of painting on weekends and evenings when I could squeeze it in outside of my normal “day” job. Prior to that? A finance grad with a handful of years of construction underwriting experience. I didn’t grow up in the trades and sure never expected myself to end up here. This section really shouldn’t just be about me, but I think it’s important to show you all how (and why) we got here.

What these cool pictures on our site can’t depict is what this company was built on: character, transparency and quality. It sounds cliche, but let me quickly elaborate. I wasn’t trained in this business. I had the “luxury” of teaching myself how to do things along the way from a lot of trial and error, and even more YouTube videos. Coincidentally enough, after watching hundreds of hours of “how-to” videos and then implementing those “best practices,” I recognized that there was something else the customer valued more than anything else. Basic human decency. Finding someone that would be honest, transparent, show up on time and get the work done seemed to be vastly more important than any “trade secret” I had learned along the way. Traits that I thought were minimum requirements in any job seemed to have become a luxury. If I wasn’t honest with my boss at work or didn’t show up on time then I would have been fired within a week. Why would it be different anywhere else? I made it my mission to build this company with those values at our absolute core.

Be a good person and the opportunity to master your craft will come. That strategy and those values has brought Valley Canvas more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. Our quality of work will speak for itself, but it’s our people that truly set us above the rest…

– Nathan Paddock

Why We Do It

Let’s be real here. We do it so that one day we can look back and be proud of the company that provided for our families. But guess what? To be that profitable company, we have to do things right.

We do this because it’s gratifying. We do this because it’s fun. It’s fun to transform a home or business. It’s fun to commit to something and watch it play out. It’s even more fun (and gratifying) to make people happy. We do this for us and we do this for you because you trust us.

The Team

Ready Yet?

We’d love to hear about your project even if you aren’t ready. Even if it’s just to provide you with more information on a potential project please feel free to reach out!