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How Does Lighting Affect Paint Colors?

Lighting can affect paint colors in a variety of ways. It can be your best friend or your worse enemy when it comes to refractions caused by lighting. Various imperfections in the material used to cover the framing members can also be picked up by lighting. Both natural and artificial lighting can affect choosing paint colors.

For example, imperfections in the gypsum compound used to hide the seams from drywall are easily noticed when light reflects off the surface of the painted walls. They can also show roller and brush marks. Additionally, lighting can show hairs that are pulled off from roller sleeves and paintbrushes.

To learn more about choosing paint colors for bedroom painting and how to paint a room to eliminate imperfections caused by lighting, continue reading.

What are the Best Bedroom Painting Colors?

colors for bedroom Choosing paint colors for bedroom painting projects can be a daunting task if you’re unsure what colors to use that won’t end up being a horror show when the lights are turned on or the curtains are open allowing sunlight into the room.

Here are some of the best bedroom colors for 2022:

  • Earthy Tones
  • Gray-Greens
  • Deep Aubergine
  • Citron
  • Chartreuse
  • Warm Neutrals

While the list of colors above is a great place to start, there are many more colors available. Tans and off-whites are also great choices for bedroom painting.

Best Lightbulbs for Bedroom Painting Ideas

Light bulbs are a key component to bedroom painting as they can change the tone and depth of the paint colors you choose. They range from cool blue to orange tones and come with different wattages. For example, a 100-watt light bulb is going to show more imperfection on the walls than opposed to a 50-watt, 60-watt, or 75-watt light bulb.

Position of Lights

Where you place lamps and other lighting devices also matter as well. For lamps on nightstands or other tables close to the wall, it’s best to use lower watt light bulbs to avoid imperfections on the wall such as roller and brush marks.

Recessed Lighting

One way to get the most out of the best bedroom colors is to use recessed lighting or otherwise known as can lights. Can lights be a great downward light to use for bedroom painting or any other room in your house? They are rather inexpensive and add pleasing aesthetics; however, they require a licensed electrician for installment.

Strip or Bar Lighting

strip and bar lighting Strip and bar lighting can be a good way to add some extra flair and decor to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. They come in a variety of shapes and designs like flowered leaves or spiral designs. Much like recessed lighting, an electrician is typically required but there are some models that the average homeowner can install safely.

The best bedroom colors can also be ones that are matched to existing fabrics such as curtains, lounge chairs, and comforter sets.

How to Get Professional Help for Bedroom Painting

Here at Valley Canvas in Queen Creek. Arizona, we have the expert knowledge for choosing paint colors that work well with existing lighting or new lighting ideas. FOr more information about bedroom painting or painting questions in general, please feel free to call us today or fill out our online contact form to get professional help.

Accent Wall Ideas for 2022

With 2022 coming right around the corner, many homeowners are thinking about painting the interiors of their homes. Two common rooms that many consider are their bedrooms and kitchens. While bedroom painting is a lot easier than painting your cabinets and kitchen walls and ceiling, painting accent walls can make a difference.

Accent walls add aesthetics to any room and can make rooms look more inviting and appear even bigger than they are. There’s a lot of great bedroom painting and kitchen ideas out there but sometimes it takes some visual pictures or suggestions on how to make an accent wall work in the space that matches decor and furniture.

To discover how to get the best large and small bedroom paint ideas with accent walls and tips for painting your cabinets, keep reading.

Accent Walls for Bedroom Painting

bedroom paintingWhen it comes to bedroom painting and accent walls, it’s a good idea to match your comforter and curtains and choose the wall opposite of where the bed is placed. Many times a neutral colors such as beige, white, and dessert tans make the best choice for painting the other walls while selecting an accent color that matches your bedroom.

Here are some suggestions for bedroom painting:

  • If possible move everything out of the bedroom.
  • Cover the flooring with a canvas drop cloth.
  • Fix holes and imperfections with drywall compound.
  • Paint the ceiling first with flat or brilliant white.
  • Paint your door and trim next before you paint the walls.
  • Paint your accent wall with your color of choice.
  • Finish by painting the remaining walls with a neutral tone.

Bedrooms are generally a lot easier to paint than larger rooms; however, depending on the number of doors and windows can impact the time it takes to paint your bedroom.

Accent Kitchen Walls and Painting Your Cabinets

kitchen paintingThe same rules as above can be applied to your kitchen walls for having a kitchen that stands apart from others you may see in pictures or in a friend’s or family’s house. Moreover, when it comes to painting your cabinets, special steps need to take place for a quality paint job that lasts and won’t chip, peel, or crack.

Use the following tips below when painting your cabinets:

  • Remove all dishes and everything from the cabinets.
  • Remove or tape off the hinges and handles.
  • Clean your cabinets with mineral spirits to remove and debris.
  • Use an oil-based primer to seal the prefinished wood.
  • Sand the primer with a drywall sponge and repeat cleaning with mineral spirits.
  • Apply the first coat of oil-based paint with a brush and fine-haired roller sleeve.
  • Repeat the sanding and cleaning procedure with mineral spirits.
  • Apply the second coat of paint and let it dry overnight for the best cure.

The best paint for kitchen cabinets is high-quality oil-based paint that will require paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean your brush and rollers. Latex paints typically don’t stand the abuse of kitchen activity and eventually flakes off or get marked easily.

Where to Find Professional Painters in Queen Creek?

professional wall paintersThe best place to find a professional painter for painting your cabinets and bedroom painting ideas with stunning accent walls is at Valley Canvas. We have expert interior designers who can give you suggestions and help you match your current decor in either your bedroom or kitchen.

To get started today and get a free quote, call us today or fill out our online contact form and get the accent wall and makeover you always dreamed about and wanted. Valley Canvas is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

How to Paint Doors

Interior doors often receive a lot of use which makes them lose their vibrance over time. However, a door could be one of the best ways to spruce up a house’s interior. It can dramatically change the overall look in an efficient and reasonable way. Therefore, the door has lost its vibrance, the best way to transform them is by painting these doors.

House door interior painting may seem like a cake-walk but it requires people to follow a process starting from detaching the door from the hinges, collecting the necessary equipment to choosing the right color. In addition, the professionals recommend stroking and brushing the doors in the same way that the grooves run.

Moreover, it won’t provide a perfect finish to the doors. There are a lot of other tricks that experts with interior painting skills leverage to get a smooth door that provides a rejuvenating look for the house. Keep on reading to know about painting the doors.

What’s the Difference Between Latex and Oil Base Door Paint?

There are a handful of things to consider when it comes to interior painting apart from the color. One of the critical things that confuse a lot of people is the difference between oil-based and latex paint doors. Earlier, the majority of the experts at interior painting Queen Creek, AZ used oil-based paint in residential projects.

latex vs oil paint

As painting technology advances, people have shifted to latex-based paint. Still, both of these Interior paintings have their unique benefits. The term “latex” refers to the binder or resin. it doesn’t contain any latex from a rubber plant. It’s also known as acrylic paint, water-based paint with glycol or glycols that act as a solvent.

Oil-based paint or also known as Alkyd has lost its popularity due to the perks offered by latex paint but it’s not obsolete yet. In oil-based paint, the carrier is the formulation of petrochemical solvents and mineral spirits that can impact the environment negatively yet it provides the most durable and hard finishes to the interior doors.

The best house painters in Queen Creek AZ prefer using water-based or latex paint to cover the imperfections of the interior doors and brighten up the living space due to its environmental advantages. Still, it can’t entirely replace the oil-based paint. However, learning the differences can definitely help individuals to make precise decisions.

Hiring the Best House Painters in Queen Creek, AZ

house painter
Valley Canvas Company has done plenty of interior painting jobs so far that makes us experts in this field. You can check our interior painting images to assess our skills and expertise. We prefer using latex-based paint because even if the surface of the door is already painted with oil-based paint, it’s easier to switch to it.

Our experts at interior painting Queen Creek, AZ leverage step-by-step processes to conduct any interior painting jobs with precision. We paint the doors based on the design, style, and preferences set by the owner and help rejuvenate the space under an affordable shade. To know more about our interior painting cost, contact us today.

How Paint Affects Perception of a Room

The color of a room not only impacts the way it is spatially perceived by an occupant but also affects the emotional state of the person observing it.

Studies on color psychology have found that light-colored walls have a positive impact on the mood of the occupants in a room. In addition to this, the perception of space can also be altered depending on the choice of paint color. Applying light colors onto a wall or ceiling, for instance, can make the room appear more spacious.

Read on to find out more about some of the things to consider when picking paint color for a new or remodeled space and why it is crucial to hire an expert painter.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior?

Apart from expressing the owner’s unique personality, the exterior color scheme of a home can also greatly boost its curb appeal.

Here are a few tips that can help you make the best choice when picking a paint color for your home exterior:

1. Make Use of Digital Resources

paint colorA paint color visualizer is a resourceful tool that homeowners can take advantage of when selecting a color scheme for their exterior. Not only does it have a paint color chart that allows one to choose paint color online but also provides a preview of what the home exterior would look like with the selected color scheme.

2. Consider the Architecture of Your Home

The right kind of color for an exterior depends, to a large extent, on the architectural style of the home. What looks great on a Victorian-era mansion may not work well with a modern bungalow. This is why it might be prudent to seek paint color advice from a professional.

3.Think About the Desired Visual Effect

exterior paintingIt is also worth considering the desired effect on the landscape such as streets and adjacent buildings. Lighter colors typically make the home pop out more while darker hues might make the home seem like it is receding in the background.

It is worth noting that even with these tips, selecting an appropriate paint color can still be a daunting task if you are not a professional painter. However, you can enlist the best house painters in Queen Creek AZ to help you pick the right color for your exterior.

Hiring the Best House Painters in Queen Creek, AZ

The color scheme of an exterior can have a significant effect not only on the individual home but on the entire street. As such, it is crucial to involve Queen Creek house painters when picking paint colors.

At Valley Canvas Company we have some of the best house painters in Queen Creek, AZ who are ready to offer professional painting services at an affordable rate. Contact us today to book a service.

Reasons Your House Paint is Cracking

A good paint job boosts a house’s general appearance and protects it from rapid degradation. However, over time, the surface may wear out.

Peeling and crackling on exterior paint may happen unexpectedly. Crackle paint that occurs after a short time is an indication of crackle paint mistakes, such as using poor-quality paints and tools. Extreme paint cracking may require fixing by a paint contractor before further deterioration occurs

Read on to learn about the causes of crackling on exterior paint, how to fix common crackling problems, and where to find the best contractor for a painting project.

How Do You Fix Crackle Paint?

exterior paintPeeling paint exposes the house to mold infestation and may degrade its structural integrity. Cracked wall paints should therefore be repaired immediately.
Below are basic steps to follow when fixing crackle paint mistakes:

Removing Crackle Paint

The first step is to remove old, crackle paint color combinations. Use a paint scraper to remove the homemade crackle paint from the walls.
wall patching

Patching the Surface

A patching compound is applied to fill up holes or cracks on the walls. Thereafter, use fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen the walls.


Use a bristle or sponge to brush the paint according to the desired crackle paint color combinations.
Fixing a crackle paint is easy. However, to ensure long-lasting results, homeowners should use quality paint products.

5 Reasons for Crackling on Exterior Paint

When crackling on exterior paint occurs, several factors may be at play. Knowing why the paint cracks are important, as it helps to find the right solution for homemade crackle paint.

Here are five reasons why exterior paint cracks:

Reason #1: Excessive Heat Exposure

High temperatures may create heat bubbles that may burst, leading to cracking. This mostly happens when painting house in summer.

Reason #2: Expired Paint

Expired paint applied on walls will create a rough finish that peels off easily. To preserve freshness, the paints should be stored in airtight containers.

Reason #3: Poor Preparation of Wall Surface

Crackling on exterior paint may occur if a foreign layer of dirt or debris prevents the paint from adhering to the surface.

Reason #4: Damp Surface

Paint applied on wet surfaces will peel off soon as a result of improper drying. In case it rains before painting, the walls should be left to dry first.

Reason #5: Incompatible Paint

When applying paint over old, existing paints, contractors should ensure the paints are compatible, to avoid cracking.

Exterior wall painting will last longer if done correctly. Having knowledge of the common causes of crackling helps in preventing their future occurrence.

Where to Go for Professional Painting House in Summer Time?

Painting your house enhances its aesthetic appeal and protects it against adverse effects of weather elements. Hiring a professional when painting a house in summer helps you do it perfectly.

Valley Canvas Company is your trusted contractor for painting services in Queen Creek, Arizona. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Can You Paint Your House in the Arizona Summer?

Painting your house during winter is considered ideal because the cool weather is gentle on the paint and the fresh paint has enough time to cure. However, not every homeowner can plan a painting project exclusively for the winter.

Homeowners may wonder if it is okay to paint the house during summer. Certainly, you can paint your house during the extreme heat of the Arizona summer without worries. The most important thing is to observe necessary precautions such as starting your work earlier and ending before it gets too hot.

If exposed to a very high temperature, the water in the paint may evaporate, resulting in an incorrect merging of paint resins and cracking of the paint. Read on to learn more about painting during summer heat and how to do it right.

paint for house

What Does it Take to Paint a House?

Most homeowners paint their houses by themselves while others choose to hire a home exterior painting company. Whichever the case, here is a guide on what may be required to get the job done.


It involves preparing the surfaces, choosing the exterior paint colors, and deciding on how to paint your house interior walls.

Determining Material Required

It is crucial to have all the necessary tools for the job. These include a paint calculator, masking tape, angled paintbrush, step ladder, and a bucket of water for mixing.

colored house

How to Paint During Summer

First, monitor the position of the sun, since direct sunlight can cause inconsistent drying of the paint. If the project starts in the morning, begin from the shaded side and end at the sunny part. Most importantly, regulate the temperature of the paint to reduce the rate of evaporation.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor

Getting the best paint job depends on the workmanship of the contractor. So, when looking for Arizona’s premium and most trusted painting company, here are the key factors to keep in mind:

  • How will the house be prepared before actual painting?
  • What grade of paint do they use?
  • What is the expected cost of the project?
  • Is the contractor licensed to do the work?
  • Do they offer a warranty to repair any damages after the work is done?

All these questions will help create a proper judgment of what to expect during and after the painting job.

Why Hire a Professional Home Exterior Painting Company?

Painting a house by yourself may save you money, but it may not guarantee the quality offered by Arizona’s premium and most trusted painting company. This is because you may not know how to paint a house right.

Valley Canvas is a locally owned painting company in Arizona. We are a team of painting professionals with years of experience in the industry. Contact us today!

8 Steps to Properly Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Painting a house can be a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the steps that it takes to paint a house. Knowing basic tips and tricks can help most homeowners accomplish most small projects but for houses with two stories, an expert house painter should be considered.

The appearance of a house has a huge impact on how others view it and says something about who you are and what sort of person lives there. Painting the exterior is one way to change the appearance and increase property value. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Read on to learn eight steps that help homeowners through the process of painting home’s exterior so it looks great for years to come!

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

There are various factors that influence house painting prices. These include quality of paint, house painting designs and colors, tools used, and surface preparation before house paintings.

The average charges set by a home exterior painting company can be anywhere between $2-$5 per square foot. So, if you want to paint an 1800 sq ft exterior wall, you may spend between $3600 – $9000.

8 Steps to Paint Your House

House painting Queen Creek AZ can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. But worry no more.

home exterior painting

1. Clean the walls using a pressure washer to remove dirt, making it easier to apply fresh paint.

2. Use a putty knife to scrape away the damaged areas. Fill in divots or holes with spackle, and let it dry for several hours before sanding down the surface lightly.

3. Scrape and sand the surface to remove any loose paint.

4. Caulk trim to seal and make the surface of joints watertight.

5. Prime over stains to ensure there are no inconsistencies in the color of paint applied.

6. Cover windows, lights, and doors using plastic sheeting and tape.

7. Paint the exterior using a paint gun. Start by spraying from the top to bottom in a controlled and uniform manner.

8. Remove the plastic sheet from windows, light fixtures, and doors and use a paintbrush to paint your woodwork and doors.

As you can see, painting your home is a great way of adding value to it. In addition, painting it regularly with high-quality paint is one of the smartest ways to protect your investment.

Where to Get Professional House Painting in Queens Creek?

Valley Canvas is a home exterior painting company that is committed to providing quality house painting in Queen Creek AZ.

Get in touch with us today to get a free quote or learn more about our offers and exterior house painting services.

Best House Painters in Queen Creek, AZ

When it comes to house painting, choosing the best house painter is the most important step. The right painter should be able to deliver the desired color combination, offer advice on color choices and complete the work in time.

While there are plenty of residential house painters with 5-stars on Google, a few can deliver what they promise. Thankfully, the residents of Queen Creek, AZ can rely on our residential house painter services. The best house painters in Queen Creek AZ have worked with the residents for a very long time and understand their custom painting needs in advance.

To discover more about our awesome residential painting services, keep reading.

Queen Creek’s Residential Painting Services

Like other locations, the residents of Queen Creek have their unique house painting needs. As a small community with unique cultural ties, it is necessary to use the services of a residential house painter with close ties to the community.

Below are three of our most popular and best residential painting services:

1. Exterior Painting

house paintingExterior paint captures the beauty of the home. We understand that most residents of Queen Creek like merging their homes into the beauty of the outdoors. With the services by residential house painters, we guarantee that our exterior house painter will capture your imaginations and bring them to life.

Our concepts are derived from understanding the needs of all our clients and working with their ideas to achieve the perfect picturesque exterior beauty.

2. Interior Painting

Interior decor determines the beauty of the home. It is the use of the right paint that turns a house into a home. As the leading interior house painter in Queens Creek, we are certain that our services will impress. All projects are carried out following residential house painter protocols and are done with licensed workers.

In all projects, we value the input of the homeowner. We combine professional experience with client preferences to attain a unique interior look. At the end of the day, it is the taste of the client that must be reflected by the interior decor and paint.

3. Cabinets Painter

kitchen paintingWith the right wall-to-wall visual appeal, cabinets can be the jinx in the beauty of any home unless the right residential house painter is employed. The best house painters understand the need to merge the beauty of house cabinets with interior lighting and wall paint.

The exterior, interior, and cabinet painting services we offer at Valley Canvas Company are the best within Queens Creek. Our advanced technology and a combination of professionals from interior to exterior designers, ensure the best outcome on every project.

Contact the Best Queen Creek Painters Today

At Valley Canvas Company we pride ourselves in being the best interior house painter for exterior and residential interior painting in Queen Creek. We use the best tools, technology, and employ the best professionals to accomplish the work.

For the best exterior house painting services, Valley Canvas Company is the best choice. For those looking for a residential house painter in Queens Creek, we are the preferred choice for many homeowners in Queens Creek.

Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

Wall paint is one of the important interior and exterior decor aspects of every property. The color of the paint used determines the emotions it brings out. It is therefore important to follow the right process when picking paint color.

Generally, paint colors for interior designs are arrived at based on personal preferences. It is the standard rule of thumb to use colors that exude feelings of happiness among the home dwellers. The same applies to office colors and other areas. It is also important to ensure that the colors are matched with the other decorative aspects used.

To get a full picture of how wall paint colors are chosen, keep on reading.

Is There an App to Help Pick Paint Colors?

wall paint color match appsWhen choosing paint colors, most people turn to the use of apps. There are plenty of apps that are instrumental in choosing the right colors for walls. Nonetheless, choosing paint colors app is not often easy.

Below are some of the best apps used in picking paint colors for interior designs:

  • Color Connect
  • ColorSmart
  • Paint My Place
  • Color Capture

Most of these mobile phone apps help cut the cost for those looking for paint color advice. With the right interior design color palette generator, it is easy for anyone to arrive at the right wall color.

Wall Paint Should Connect To Personal Emotions

Wall paint color tipsThe mistake that most people make is turning their emotional color into the primary color of the room. For a person who loves red colors, it does not mean painting the bedroom red will make them happy. The ideal situation is to use colors that make the room warm such as orange with a red lamp in the corner.

When choosing paint colors it is advisable to use a paint visualizer application. Most such apps provide an upfront view of the finished color before the painting work starts.

Wall Paint Colors Should Relate to Decor Accessories

When choosing paint colors it is also crucial to consider the other accessories of the room. The furniture and wall art should guide the wall color. The best paint color advice experts encourage homeowners to first decide on the color of furniture and wall art.

In most cases, interior house paint colors pictures, the personal preferences, and taste of the room dwellers. As a result, items such as wall art and furniture must be considered.

Why Choose the Queen Creek Painters?

If you are wondering how to choose paint colors for your home exterior or interior, Queen Creek Painters are here to help. We have several years of experience in choosing paint colors and we do it successfully.

Our expert designers will assist you in picking the right exterior paint colors for your property by understanding your preferences. We do not need a paint visualizer to understand the needs of our customers. Through experience, we capture the needs of every home in an authentic way. Contact us today and see why we are called the Queen Creek Painters.

Interior Design Ideas in 2021

design ideas 2021

The worldwide pandemic has deeply impacted many global industries, the interior design included. People are spending more time indoors as a result and more of us are looking to add more comfort and practicality into our homes. What are some of the interior design ideas in 2021?

Interior painting ideas in 2021 are all about reimaging your home to meet the demands of this new lifestyle we are all experiencing, giving your home an extra spark. Whether you’re in need of creating a home office, making space for zoom meetings, or remote learning, it’s likely your home needs a refresh.

Whether you’re new to interior design or a design buff continue reading to find out the top consumer trends of 2021. These ideas will breathe inspiration into your home.

What Are the Interior Colors for 2021?

The color that is chosen in any design serves as a fundamental tool. Interior design trends 2021 focus heavily on using color to reconnect to themes that matter the most. House paint trends 2021 are all about practicing mindfulness with neutrals and wrapping yourself in rich, deep tones.

What Are Some Spring 2021 Home Trends?

home design Interior design trends 2021 are all about creating comfort while implementing practicality in your home. Adding colors to your walls and trim is just one way to freshen things up. There are plenty of options when it comes to interior home designs in 2021.

These five trends will bring your home a sensational style in 2021:

  1. Rustic vogue: A sophisticated take on Cottagecore
  2. Cottagecore: Simplistic with a touch of glamour
  3. House plants: Bring vibrancy into your home while freshening the air, filtering pollutants
  4. Earthy shades: Very welcoming and comforting
  5. Warm colors: Adds depth to your home design and has a playful touch

Contact Valley Canvas for the Best Interior Design Ideas in 2021

interior design 2021With more and more people relying on their homes as an office or remote learning space it is essential to incorporate functional designs. These lifestyle trends can create an extra spark of comfort to any home. Investing your money and time into the cultivation of your home enhances your lifestyle.

Valley Canvas is here to assist you with your interior design ideas in 2021. Contact us at (480) 414-7227. Valley Canvas is also on social media, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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