Cabinet Painting

What We Do

While our roots run deep in exterior and interior painting, Valley Canvas has found its niche in cabinet refinishing. In fact, more than half of our current residential workload consists of cabinet refinishing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We truly believe that the combination of our excellent team, system, and detail has led us to becoming one of the best refinishing companies in the Valley.

You can find a significant amount of our past work here on our site as well as our various social media accounts. Found a particular look or color that you like? Don’t be shy. Feel free to reach out and ask us about any of our previous projects.

Need Cabinet Painting?

We’d love to help out. Whether you just need some additional information on our process or you’re ready to get the ball rolling, we’re ready when you are. Feel free to reach out.

Our Cabinet Process


First thing's first: we need to mask off all working areas from floor to ceiling. This allows you as the homeowner to stay home for the duration of the project without any interruption if you choose to do so.


We clean, sand and prime all cabinetry before painting. Cleaning the surface removes any grease, grime and dirt. Sanding promotes a strong bond for the primer and paint. We then spray a primer coating to guarantee the existing finish is covered.


We spray all of our cabinets to guarantee a nice, smooth finish. Whether it's enamel, lacquer or a combination of the two, all cabinetry will receive two finish coatings.


Our job isn't finished until you are 100% satisfied. Our employees always do a walkthrough of the job with the homeowner to guarantee the final product is as expected.

Why Us


We owe it to you to make sure we are completing the work above and beyond expectations. From the initial quote all the way to the promised warranty, we stand behind our work and our word.


Whether we're on the job for a day or a month, our customers will always be in the loop every step of the way. Our communication starts weeks prior to your start date all the way until the final walkthrough.


We are a young group, but, combined, we have over 30 years of experience in both commercial and residential painting projects. That said, we're always learning and improving our processes.


It takes us 2-4 days to complete an average kitchen cabinet refinishing

Yes, we mask-off all areas where we will be working. This typically means that the kitchen will be “off-limits” while we’re at work, but it is completely safe for you and your family to be home while we are completing your project. Most times we’ll even remove the appliances so you can still have access to your fridge.

We will almost always complete all of the work on-site. Because freshly painted cabinets need to be treated with care, we prioritize painting your cabinets at your home. This means we will typically set up a mobile spray booth in your garage where we will be spraying all of the door and drawer faces.

All of our cabinet refinishing projects are sprayed. It’s the only way to guarantee a smooth, factory-like finish.

A clear coat isn’t necessary and may cause more harm than good. Thanks to our extensive preparation of the cabinets prior to painting, our primer and finish coat will hold up (and look like) similar to a factory finish.


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