Exterior Painting

What We Do

Exterior painting may be the most important service we offer for your home, yet it may be the most undervalued. Why is that? For one, aesthetically speaking, a good (or bad) paint job is much easier to point out with cabinetry and interior paint projects. Exterior painting is also the least intrusive service we offer. For those reasons, among others, it’s easy to skimp out when it comes to painting the outside of your home. However, consider a few other factors:

  1. The sun in Arizona may be the single harshest element that any home’s exterior will face. Using the right products to protect your home will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  2. Workers will be scaling ladders and, sometimes, rooftops. More so than ever, you’ll want to make sure that the company you hire has the correct insurance coverages and licensing in place to protect you as well as their employees.
  3. Most HOAs will require your home to be painted to a strict standard. If it isn’t done correctly then it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” they’ll be knocking on your door to correct any defects or errors. Making sure the work is done right the first time will save you money and headaches.

Ready to Get Your Home Painted?

We’d love to help out. Whether you just need some additional information on our process or you’re ready to get the ball rolling, we’re ready when you are. Feel free to reach out.

Our Exterior Process


We'll shovel back rocks from the base of your home and mask off any light fixtures, windows, ceiling fans and cameras prior to painting. When needed, most homes will also be pressured washed.


Minor repair work such as filling hairline cracks in the stucco are included in any standard residential exterior paint job. When needed, we have the ability to remove and re-texture any failing drywall or stucco.


All of our exterior work will be sprayed to guarantee full coverage and an even finish. Unless otherwise stated, all exterior facing doors, trim and stucco will be painted. We also have the ability to spray masonry, brick and wrought iron fencing upon request.


Our job isn't finished until you are 100% satisfied. Our employees always do a walkthrough of the job with the homeowner to guarantee the final product is as expected.

Why Us


We owe it to you to make sure we are completing the work above and beyond expectations. From the initial quote all the way to the promised warranty, we stand behind our work and our word.


Whether we're on the job for a day or a month, our customers will always be in the loop every step of the way. Our communication starts weeks prior to your start date all the way until the final walkthrough.


We are a young group, but, combined, we have over 30 years of experience in both commercial and residential painting projects. That said, we're always learning and improving our processes.


Absolutely. We are more than happy to provide certificates of insurance upon request.

Chances are we’ve already worked in your neighborhood and had experience working with your HOA. We are able to provide guidance through the approval process and more than likely can provide the required color schemes.

Yes. Stucco is a porous surface and requires spraying to guarantee full coverage. However, in some circumstances we may brush and roll your wood trim.


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