Should You Paint or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Making the choice to remodel your home, can be one of the toughest decisions you will ever make. Deciding where to start, comes in at a close second. The kitchen is a popular room to makeover. Families spend a lot of time gathered inside the kitchen, preparing meals and entertaining, making it one of the most popular to update.

When remodeling this part of your home, the age old debate is still relevant today; Do you paint or replace those outdated kitchen cabinets?

Let’s compare the two:

Removal & Replacement

The first step, is to remove the existing cabinetry. Best handled by a professional contractor, demolition is serious business. Imagine pulling on the cabinet above the stove and the drywall comes down with it. Attempting to do this step by yourself could cost you, and big time. However, hiring a professional costs as well. Either way, an expense is involved, that can often exceed 15k-20k dollars.

painters in queen creek A quick trip to the local home improvement store will bring several pre-made options. Be mindful that most pre-made cabinets will not immediately fit into existing homes. Additional costs are incurred to customize pre-made cabinetry to fit into your kitchen. Larger kitchens will call for a larger bill, so keep that in mind. Add on installation costs and hardware, and you have a costly project on your hands. The down time is significant as well. Your kitchen will be closed for use, for not only replacement, but for demolition too.


Choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets is a much more economical choice. With many paint, glaze and texture options on the market today, the cost of painting is nearly 1/3 the cost of replacement. With any kitchen remodel, there will be downtime. The downtime can be significantly cut down, by choosing a licensed painting professional. Special skills and tools are needed in order to have a clean, professional finished look. Ask your painting professional about clear coat options that will greatly extend the life of your cabinetry.

Before painting starts, we recommend making alternate meal arrangements for your family. Grab any items you may need access to, such as coffee makers and toaster ovens, seeing as you will lose access to your kitchen for a few days. While not having access to your kitchen may seem like a nightmare, keep in mind the down time for painting is less than that of a complete remodel.

The right professional for the job, will offer you peace of mind. At Valley Canvas Company, you will find a highly qualified staff, that is fully bonded and insured. We offer solutions for all of your painting projects, interior and exterior. Your unique needs are considered and understood. Our skilled painters have years of experience. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen cabinet remodel.

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